Our Graphics Department

Do you have a logo? Do you have an idea for a t-shirt but need someone to create it? Gemini Screen Print & Embroidery has an in-house Graphics Department that can custom create anything from a corporate identity to a stag shirt for you! We'll work with you through the entire creative process to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Do you have the right file?

Whether it's screen printing or embroidery, there are certain files which we can use to create your promotional product. There are three main file types:

VECTOR: Vector graphics are images that are made up of lines and connecting points. These images allow for a higher resolution of printing. These files are usually created with software programs such as Freehand or Adobe Illustrator. Example files are .AI or .EPS.

BITMAP: Bitmap graphics consist of individual dots or pixels, each having their own specific color. These images are used for websites or television screens and are generally unacceptable for most print jobs. They can be used as a basis for embroidery files. Examples files are .JPG or .GIF. 

DIGITIZED FILE: These are files that can only be used in embroidery. It is a file which has been programmed to tell the embroidery machine where and how to stitch. Unless you have already had your logo stitched, you will have to have your image digitized. Example files are .DST or .DSB.

Art charges?

If your file is not usable, there will be art charges or a digitizing fee. For screen printing, add $70 per color. For embroidery, add $100 for digitizing. These are all one time fees.

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